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Shoppers are looking for the biggest deals and best gifts this festive season across Southeast Asia. And it’s when businesses large and small ramp up seasonal marketing to better connect with their customers. During this period with steep competition, it’s more important than ever to optimise ad placements across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network to achieve the best results, stop thumbs and drive action.
Millennials have become the largest living group that are making major buying decisions and that is the reason the corporate world is progressively changing. Businesses transform the ways of managing business operations, workflows and employees. Many businesses in future must cater to the millennial generation, so technology trends for the future will surely change. As millennials are more conscious about quality and ethics, entrepreneurs are advised to improve the quality of their products and services, project management platforms, workflow optimization and multifaceted customer support. Since millennials demand comprehensive entrepreneurship and opportunities for growth within every prospect they fulfill. Transparency, communication and a perfect work-life balance are important for success of the whole organization.

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