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volcanicenergy a member of St. Paul (MN), United States (USA) Alt Right Meetup

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    St. Paul (MN), United States (USA)
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    Hey there. Gentlemen, Missing out on Passionate L vE, Hugs, Kisses. I Am:. Big Lovely Woman,. 42 yrs. 5" 5ft,. olive skin, shoulder length dark brown hair,. soft kissable lips, green eyes,. great smile, positive personality, intelligent, speak 4 languages, service intelligence, creating verse, appreciate society, imaginative recycled art & crafts, music is my spirit, swimming. Health and also weight loss is my emphasis. I have actually shed 120lbs extra pounds and also continue my journey. U R:. Brought in to my full figure, funny, strong, pleasant, mindful, smart, sensuous, enthusiastic. Significant about the possibility of a relationship/falling crazy. HIGH optional:-RRB- Any type of race. Not over 55 years. No family men. ? Please send out photo or no reply. Yes, I have images!
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