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vabrain a member of Baton Rouge (LA), United States (USA) Alt Right Meetup

  • Location:
    Baton Rouge (LA), United States (USA)
  • Description:
    Cold weather makes cuddling a must, I 'd love to locate a person who enjoys cuddling under the covering and also watch netflix or just kick back, have beers or wine ... How we snuggle depends on us, we respect each other borders. If you're solitary, rational and tidy cut, perhaps create as well as inform me regarding on your own. No drama, cigarette smoking, drugs. Mid forties, preferably. I'm SWF, thinking about SWM, I love tall guys, as well as need to be somebody local from the east bay. If we manage excellent! Perhaps even open up to LTR, however no assumptions. We can satisfy for coffee as well as if we click, let's be familiar with each various other.
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