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usapavillion8 a member of Oakland, United States (USA) Alt Right Meetup

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    Oakland, United States (USA)
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    ELEMENTS: - Water - I love to swim, I love hot springs, I like rivers and also lakes, I also like swimming in the bay and also have done Alcatraz concerning 8 times (no wetsuit). - Air - I'm not terrified of flying. - Planet - obtaining my hands unclean horticulture, mushroom foraging as well as outdoor camping, as well as holds National Parks Pass, EBRPD as well as EBMUD trail passes. - Fire - there's a bonfire pit in my backyard and also a timber stack the size of a VW bus. Likewise, I'm a double fire sign if that suggests anything to you. NATIONAL POLITICS: Born of hippie parents, ethnic Northern The golden state lefty/pro-labor as well as green/environmentally drivened. Whatever gets recycled or composted.
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