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usapavillion27 a member of Oklahoma City (OK), United States (USA) Alt Right Meetup

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    Oklahoma City (OK), United States (USA)
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    LOCATION/TRANSPORTATION: I stay in East Oakland (where they swipe all your spunk) and navigate on my dual sport motorcycle. I don't simply "cruise ship" and go for arbitrary drives-- I utilize the motorbike for commuting and also for longer journeys like going climbing in Red Rocks (last loss), outdoor camping in Death Valley, or heading up the coast to Rose city (and I'll jump at any chance to head to the Eastern Sierras). I owned my very own automobile ACTIVITIES: On weekdays, I normally do 1-3 of these: climbing up prior to job, running at lunch, swimming after work, or HIIT/weights in your home. Bicycling or hiking on the weekends. COMPONENTS: - Water - I enjoy to swim, I like thermal springs, I enjoy rivers and also lakes, I also like swimming in the bay and have actually done Alcatraz concerning 8 times (no wetsuit). - Air - I'm not worried of flying. - Planet - getting my hands dirty horticulture, mushroom foraging and also camping, as well as holds National Parks Pass, EBRPD and EBMUD trail passes. POLITICS: Born of hippie moms and dads, ethnic Northern The golden state lefty/pro-labor and green/environmentally oriented. Everything gets recycled or composted.
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