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usapavillion21 a member of Oklahoma City (OK), United States (USA) Alt Right Meetup

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    Oklahoma City (OK), United States (USA)
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    A lady of any age that may locate herself alone could still imagine her dream guy; although maybe the dream individual of a "woman" in her late fifties might be a various man than the one she might have sought in her ingénue days. Yet she's different, too; an ingénue no more. Mi novio, wherefore art thou? Or perhaps I should ask "Whofore are thou?" This would be the utmost gent of my finely tuned desires: The sound of his voice is crucial; not as well nasal; accents are wonderful. I like specific international accents; almost anything from the United Kingdom; French, Italian, Spanish; Brazilian (significance Portuguese, obviously). A pleasing voice that I might like the noise of, with the material of equivalent importance but even when it's of no value, it a voice that my ear is attracted to.
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