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usapavillion18 a member of Cleveland (OH), United States (USA) Alt Right Meetup

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    Cleveland (OH), United States (USA)
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    IF you are single, 40s-50s, energetic, non-smoker/no medicines, living in the Bay Area and looking for love, enjoyable as well as relationship in a "let's see where this goes" instructions as well as enjoy and believe you may be drawn in to the following bundle: BASICS: Solitary, 47 year old lady (given that birth), 5'10"/ HWP, long brown hair and blue-grey eyes. According to 23andme, I am 97% Western European. I have no tattoos or wild piercings, yet I do have some extremely artistic medical marks from ACL surgical treatment (both knees, a few years apart - great cosmetic surgeons as well as I run half marathons). It is possible that I do not have finger prints given that my iPhone refuses to open with any finger scanning regardless of having saved the max variety of prints.
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