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usapavillion16 a member of Cleveland (OH), United States (USA) Alt Right Meetup

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    Cleveland (OH), United States (USA)
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    He ought to have a terrific funny bone; be a professional at word play and witty repartee; a completely dry, sardonic, paradoxical wit; whatever is needed for the celebration available. He needs to be able to shoot me a glimpse from across the table or across a jampacked room; a glance that has actually installed in it the mot juste, the mot parfait for that moment. Possibly it will make me laugh, but certainly it will speak quantities. He will certainly be within a year or 2 of my age; so likely birthed into this world someplace in between the late nineteen- fifties and early nineteen- sixties. This is not a stringent difficult line, but preferably we have the very same time referents; it makes a distinction in just how we see and also react to the world. I need a guy who understands the words to the same tunes that I do; as well as share my family member (although not outright) cluelessness about current patterns in music.
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