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usapavillion10 a member of Oakland, United States (USA) Alt Right Meetup

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    Oakland, United States (USA)
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    LOCATION/TRANSPORTATION: I reside in East Oakland (where they swipe all your shit) and get around on my twin sporting activity bike. I don't just "cruise" and go for random drives-- I make use of the bike for commuting and for longer journeys like going climbing in Red Rocks (last fall), camping in Death Valley, or directing the coast to Portland (and I'll jump at any kind of opportunity to go to the Eastern Sierras). I haven't possessed a vehicle for Ten Years. TASKS: On weekdays, I usually do 1-3 of these: climbing prior to work, performing at lunch, swimming after work, or HIIT/weights at home. Biking or hiking on the weekends. I intend to do 1-3 arranged half marathons a year. This year will be my Fifth Berkeley HM (mostly a political declaration to take back the streets from autos and pet dogs). I don't do triathlons - never have. I delight in several sports yet I do not really feel the should complete to motivate myself.
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