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subduralsurfer a member of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom Alt Right Meetup

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    Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
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    A guy without cruel objectives A man not scared to share feelings of annoyance as well as to be able to interact to develop a strong structure to a great life Over 5' 10" (im a tall one so it is a matter of a good fit for both of us). Still a lil crazy yet not foolish with it. Oh heck I might continue,,, spiritual but not a spiritual nut. I see love as my religious beliefs. A sports follower (Im a nut for sports) Well dressed but not obsessed with it ... Clark Kent looks and also a Howard Hughes purse ... LMAO I recognize I recognize but hey I dare to fantasize! Appearances are not the only point however there has to be that destination ... All of us do it in the one tenth of the first secondly most of us state I would certainly or I wouldn't based on looks only. and cash ehh its nice yet does not make a male a male ... Individuals are a lot like books ... cant judge em by their cover often putting in the time a browsing web pages can be an eye opener. So drop me a note & picture is nice yet not called for( you have seen me) Pleased Day to you.
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