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raffleinform a member of Lexington-Fayette (KY), United States (USA) Alt Right Meetup

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    Lexington-Fayette (KY), United States (USA)
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    Yes, where did the moment seem to fly, extremely daring, I enjoy online performances, independent motion pictures, hiking( love walking half dome), cycling,( attempt biking daily!) and travel.( just returned from lovely Mexico, blue skies, sunshine, daily, got ta luv it !!) Have 2 grown up children that endure of the house and delighted to have a grandbaby! Semi retired as well as the qualities that I have is what I am seeking consisting of excellent funny bone, enlightened, kind, no drama, and also extremely kind, respectful, relying on, honest, monetarily liable. I am in fantastic shape, 90% vegetarian, dynamic democrat, informed and seeking comparable, anticipate learn through you with image attached please
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