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otherwisecobra a member of Brno, Czech Republic Alt Right Meetup

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    Brno, Czech Republic
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    I've been out of the dating scene for some time now so I have no shopping list of exactly what I'm trying to find as well as have no expectations for the future. I'm here in the moment. I'm not marriage-minded but I am seeking to discover a new bff for a monogamous, long-term partnership, yet in no hurry to jump into anything as well fast. I'm real, open and count on concession and also interaction. I'm Eastern American with a wonderful smile and also my freckles. I'm a cozy, pleased, fun person with a playful as well as interested personality, love conference individuals, extremely loving, enchanting, caring, honest, have a quick-witted funny bone; likes to laugh as well as enjoys making other individuals laugh. I fit in my very own skin as well as am a very independent girl. I love animals of all kinds as well as have 2 small dogs that I require to the park as well as go on everyday strolls.
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