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oble1976 a member of Moskva (Moscow), Russia Alt Right Meetup

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    Moskva (Moscow), Russia
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    Okay, so, I wrote, this. You're reading it. Chances are, that, like me, you're wondering where individuals of a particular age in fact do fulfill these days. Dating has actually definitely transformed since I last did it, and also not for the much better. You agree, I make certain. So, I remain in Pasadena - L.A.'s neighbor to the north. Yes, a long way from you, right? Yet, I securely count on high quality time invested with somebody special, over quantity. If we really like each other, after that it will function itself out, and I have not a problem with heading up to the Bay location. That's exactly what weekends are for. Let's be open to the possibilities. Exactly what's to lose? I appreciate women intimacy sometimes. I am looking for a man that isn't really intimidated by that. Perhaps you are bi, too. I am attractive, smart, British, world-traveled, yet have actually lived here for two decades, enjoy all kinds of the arts, love exploring our gorgeous state, analysis, NPR, advocacy. Tall, 52, blonde, blue eyes, a couple of well-distributed added pounds. Divorced - no kids. Probably looking for White or black guy, taller compared to 5'9", 45-62-ish, intelligent, popular and wise enough to recognize that slim chances do strike their target occasionally. Your pic obtains mine. I won't reply to one liners or naked pics.
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