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    Nature caring, kind, young, dynamic thinking, 58 year old, caring and also non-traditional, bright as well as imaginative, charming and caring, biking, hiking, travels old cultures,, antiques, fine food as well as wine. Adventurous lover of life with a deep passion, pursuing the pleasure of all good things. Interested also in gardening, independent motion pictures, treking fifty percent dome, bike riding as well as trips, just returned from 3 months of travel to Central The U.S.A., then on a motorcycle journey with a buddy for yet an additional 3 months to numerous states right here, Also brought in to kind, authentic, authentic cozy, down-to-earth,, informed males, with funny bone, heart of gold and also enchanting soul. Send out pic please too, I'm 5ft6, brunette hair, totally regular weight you may claim thin, have MBA, and also satisfied to be self utilized as well as semi retired!!!
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