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muggerpipelayer a member of Wollongong, Australia Alt Right Meetup

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    Wollongong, Australia
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    Yes I am guilty, much like many males on here. I dream of: A great looking male Not a hairless guy Not a giant of a man Not a man over 65 Not a mean man or a smoker/heavy enthusiast A man with love in his heart A guy that is gentle and also doesn't insult waitress, staffs or the poor A man who appreciates the globe A man that has spirit as well as counts on a supreme being Those are just the beginning of my desire needs for the man I might like. Last time I discovered the above guy (and also I did) on right here, it was 2005, so it's been some time. Got off CL for an excellent 5 years and he established an alcohol consumption trouble due to individual troubles. Think most of us have vices yet I could not stand alcoholics, cigarette smokers of any kind of substance, abusers, verbal abusers or mean individuals. Oh as well as wed males, worst of all!!!! Cheaters. So, I am sitting here as well as it's a brand-new year and also it was another Valentine's day alone which is alright. I could get myself roses and delicious chocolate and I have actually done that, lot of times. I do not have a pet dog nevertheless, or anything to kiss. I don't assume I'm as well fussy. You might. I have my flaws that you can quickly find. You may not be desiring for me, at all. Time will inform. Sometimes excellent or wonderful points are included our course. Occasionally we get lucky. Perhaps I will?
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