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monsswag a member of Torrance (CA), United States (USA) Alt Right Meetup

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    Torrance (CA), United States (USA)
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    I AIM TO BE A VESSEL OF LIGHT AND ALSO LOVE IN THE WORLD. Maybe that sounds a little abstract or egotistic, however where there's light there's clarity-you see things as they are. Who wishes to go through this life with tones on-seeing things that aren't there or dropping reason you didn't see exactly what was right in front of you. You really feel me?Sure there's area for fantasizing & imagination. Oohh the dreams I could create!But there's a place for fantasy & an area for keeping it genuine. As well as LOVE-Love makes you grin from the undersurface of your spirit & makes you shine. Love is. God breathing out the trigger of life presently of fertilization. Don't we see love in the eyes of a newborn? Love is. free of concern, rage & obtains thick & it gets heavy, cause everything you pursue features its tests.So when it gets heavy. I suggest truly heavy, I do whatever I have to do to brighten up as well as get back to my center-I breathe deep, sing, dance, talk to my buddies or just obtain really still and pay attention to exactly what's within & if I hear absolutely nothing or can't quit my own internal word sound I ask God for guidance & know the answer will certainly be provided. when it's time for me to understand-cause I know at the center of my being, my TRUE ESSENCE-is LOVE.Just a little concerning me ...
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