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knitfilms a member of Philadelphia, United States (USA) Alt Right Meetup

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    Philadelphia, United States (USA)
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    Some evenings I locate myself lonesome. I function a lot as well as on days I get to get back and get in my pyjamas, I'm wishing I had someone to lay my head on or press my lips to. Someone I could let myself opt for and not make every choice. I do this usually at work. I am not seeking a significant connection but an informal dating/part time bf where we can hang around with each other one or two times a week. You need to live alone, be kind, a gent, 40-50 years old. I am a dimension 14, brown hair, Latina, wonderful, love to cook as well as effectionate. Please avoid sending out a reply with just a "hi" or "send out a pic". Have something to claim. A quick description is helpful.
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