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harrame80 a member of London, United Kingdom Alt Right Meetup

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    London, United Kingdom
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    A Portrait Of The Musician As A Young 'Un. Barto, this weird duck I fulfilled on this site, resembling a cross in between the Teacher from 'Gilligan's Island' which Madame creature, with a Warholian wiglet as well as Picassofied paisley raiment (the man in favor of assisted hippicide), is a "anal painter," showing his "anal imaginative process" in his cubist workshop with a steady smell, the area obviously disposed and also not built, on our very first day, strip-teasing, inserting the paintbrush right into his sphincterial black hole, and crouching like a sumo to paint this "wild boar with human hands" item on a canvas on the linoleum floor. He bent as a catcher for hrs, doing this raunchy, gyration-intensive, Hawaiian hula dance wearing socks made out woollen and his deceased mommy's hair. He resembled a Hobbit if created by Rankin/Bass. Whereupon he took me out pimpmobiling awhile, cigarette smoking natural herb as well as listening to Muzak on the archaic stereo system. I've fulfilled some nutjobs below on CL but he triumphed. Are all the guys below biscuits?
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