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guessingflashin a member of Eugene (OR), United States (USA) Alt Right Meetup

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    Eugene (OR), United States (USA)
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    So read males advertisements. "You fantasize about spraying frantically," hmmm no, however maybe I will after the pointer? "Searching for fart fetish woman," ahh NO. "Foot attention?" Ok, all of us could use some foot attention. The extreme Dom/Sub variants from light enjoyable, to pet collar and also treating even worse than I would treat my own pet dog. Great deals of choices to body parts. well I have all those. Lol. Sesame Road letters are brought to you by CL of FWB, NSA, LTR, HWP. Variations of flavors Delicious chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel ... am I at an ice cream store? Men want only 20 and also Thirty Years olds? See my predicament?
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