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goosepoppysmic a member of Valletta, Malta Alt Right Meetup

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    Valletta, Malta
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    I imagine: A good looking male Not a bald man Not a giant of a guy Not a guy over 65 Not a mean guy or a smoker/heavy drinker A guy with love in his heart A guy that is mild as well as doesn't insult stewards, staffs or the poor A guy that appreciates the globe A male that has spirit as well as relies on a supreme being Those are just the start of my dream demands for the man I could enjoy. Last time I discovered the above guy (and I did) on below, it was 2005, so it's been some time. Left CL for a great 5 years as well as he established a drinking problem because of personal issues. Presume we all have vices but I can not stand problem drinkers, cigarette smokers of any kind of substance, abusers, verbal abusers or suggest people. Oh and married guys, worst of all!!!! Cheaters.
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