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gitglossy a member of Tacoma (WA), United States (USA) Alt Right Meetup

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    Tacoma (WA), United States (USA)
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    My ideas on the kind of male I would love to meet ... I am trying to find an attractive full blooded 100% Belizean and Jamaican guy who is (38 to 45 years old). 5 '10 or taller. I am not brought in to Black men. I am looking for someone who is open minded and dates beyond their race. I am looking for someone that is a non smoker. Someone that does not live much from me. Meaning somebody who lives 100 miles where I live in the West Los Angeles. Please be mobile as well as have a job. I am a combined woman. I am forty two years of ages. I exercise 7 days a week at the health club, running, cycling, treking. I am attracted to men that is fit as well as has a muscle physique. I am well informed. I am seeking someone that is looking for a long term connection.
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