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flyflyerson2 a member of San Francisco (CA), United States (USA) Alt Right Meetup

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    San Francisco (CA), United States (USA)
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    Need to say, where's all the wintertime love? So considering that it's still wintertime for some time, I 'd love to meet a single, Caucasian man over 50 and also around or under 68 without face hair (my preference), that counts on love as well as is still looking. It is difficult on CL, however every once in awhile I do locate a person to love, even for awhile, perhaps not a lifetime which's fine. Some love is better compared to no love. As well as, there's no pet cat visible, although I'm starting to think about what kind I would certainly get and also just how cute it would certainly be to share my love with it. Still, I look for a gentle guy, kind, utilized or retired, with a cars and truck, clean, no sexually transmitted disease's, no problem drinkers or AA members, nobody with tiny youngsters, no kinky, no BDSM, no different way of life, no swingers and also no tantra weirdos or yoga masters. Not into yoga or marathoning!
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