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    Balakovo, Russia
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    A lady of any age who might find herself alone could still imagine her desire man; although possibly the desire man of a "woman" in her late fifties might be a various man than the one she might have sought in her ingénue days. But she's different, too; an ingénue no more. Mi novio, wherefore art thou? Or possibly I should ask "Whofore are thou?" This would certainly be the best gent of my finely tuned desires: The sound of his voice is crucial; not also nasal; accents are great. I like certain foreign accents; practically anything from the United Kingdom; French, Italian, Spanish; Brazilian (definition Portuguese, certainly). A pleasing voice that I might love the audio of, with the content of equivalent significance however even when it's of no value, it a voice that my ear is drawn in to. He must have a wonderful funny bone; be a specialist at word play and also amusing repartee; a completely dry, acerbic, paradoxical wit; whatever is required for the celebration handy. He needs to have the ability to shoot me a glance from across the table or across a crowded area; a look that has installed in it the mot juste, the mot parfait for that minute. Probably it will make me laugh, however definitely it will certainly speak volumes. He will certainly be within a year or 2 of my age; so most likely birthed right into this globe somewhere between the late nineteen- fifties and also early nineteen- sixties. This is not a strict difficult line, but preferably we have the exact same time referents; it makes a difference in just how we see and also react to the globe. I require a man that recognizes the words to the very same songs that I do; and also share my loved one (although not absolute) cluelessness concerning present trends in songs. He ought to have wonderful hands; the hands are practically as vital as the voice. He ought to be able to use his hands for lots of points; he knows when to take my hand, press my hair back, run a single finger the size of my arm or inner upper leg or beyond; he can utilize his hands to beckon, to comfort, to signal distress, to communicate that which could never ever be done justice by simple words; he ought to have the ability to do the man-things; install shelves, change the oil, and lug the hefty boxes. He should be smart, because I am wise. We are both book wise, we know features of background as well as literature and politics, possibly we are not extremely street smart, however simply street smart sufficient. He might be in any type of line of work, yet his considerable knowledge comes into play whether he is instructing regulation at Boalt or dealing with autos at Toyota or establishing a pose for his wedding photography company. Perhaps he is a scientist; I have always hoped for a scientist to complement myself as artist and writer. He is an altruistic, a method left of facility radical thinker, he questions authority however he commands respect. He expects as well as demands a great deal from himself and also from me; that is also has the very same needs as well as assumptions of myself and also of this unknown as yet "him." I will confess to feeling unmoored in these progressively modernistic and also struggling times; I long for a person to share an embrace to maintain the very least a few of these fears, this profound existential agony, at bay. Appearances are not the most essential thing; I like eyeglasses; and also a full series of teeth; still like beards and mustaches. Hair is nice; actually, I am a fantastic fan of male locks, but it is just what remains in your head (and also heart) that is actually mosting likely to make me sink to my knees, which I would gladly do under the right conditions Taller compared to me excels, as well as fortunately, I am not also high (5' 4" approximately), so this is almost always feasible. Race as well as religious beliefs useless, but also for just what it deserves I'm a really, extremely non-observant, shed little girl of Zion. If you can play a musical instrument (ideally guitar or another stringed instrument like mandolin, or perhaps piano), if you want to travel both in your area and also past, if you like to hang around alone with your lady but additionally have a broad circle of friends and also would like to satisfy as well as hang out with mine, if you are absolutely unattached (not married, or in any kind of kind of connection), if you have hopes not as well touched by resentment neither the slings and arrows of life's sometimes shocking ton of money (with apologies to the Poet), if you have the moment to hang out with me and also are not voluntarily or situation mainly inaccessible, if you wish to laugh and talk as well as discussion and consume fantastic food as well as send out sexy e-mails, as well as extra like this, please email me. If we can locate each various other, after that who understands just what might take place. I will certainly also add, alas, that I am not slim, to put it diplomatically, as well as I understand this is a deal-breaker. Unfortunately, yet I do not wish to ask forgiveness or let down. ( PS: Please live within brief driving distance of the Lake Merritt district of Oakland, please do not smoke cigarettes (four-twenty okay yet need to not be an everyday routine), please do not be young adequate to be my kid or old enough to be my papa, please do not be wed or connected. And please, please, please compose greater than one sentence requesting a photo. Inform me about you in some detail.).
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