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chargesolution a member of Bologna, Italy Alt Right Meetup

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    Bologna, Italy
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    Me. 45, high, blonde, attractive eyes and smile. Secure in profession and funds, lots of duties, no youngsters, never ever wed, smart, witty, solid personality. Eats/cooks for health and wellness. Interested in recycling, transforming the water off when doing the dishes, solar and also wind power, conserving resources. You: a suvivor. McGyver type. I don't mind if u have children. I do mind if u despise your ex. Good/positive relationships must be demonstrated for your kids ... in my viewpoint. High (5'9"+). Strong body. Helpful around your house. Dominant lover ... for fun. except misuse. Non envious type. Appreciates intellectual.discussion. if u chose Trump. sorry. I'm not interested. I take pleasure in art ... as well as painting your body. Simply kiddin. I'm a fun lady who likes to laugh. trying to find a male that will make time for our time together. I am well taken a trip. I am cultured ... (did not grow up IN SC). However SC is my home 20 plus years. I'm drawn in to sports guys. little to no face hair. does not bother me if you are bald. or balding. it's ok. However you can not be the envious kind ... I would certainly not offer u reason for that. confidence!! If your wed. go give ur spouse more love. I'm seeking an offered male..35 to 50. Non cigarette smoker is a must. No medications. 420 is not a drug. yet if you have to have it everyday, all the time, after that it's a behavior that can become a concern of concern. Everyone loves a picture. Tell me more about you and also why you replied and also I'll consider sending that. Send your own as well as I'll consider it a lot more. Flawlessly imperfect ok too.
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