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broadcastthud a member of Newport, United Kingdom Alt Right Meetup

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    Newport, United Kingdom
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    I recognize this is probably not the place to be seeking a partner, yet I thought I would certainly provide it a try. I am a mature, kind-hearted, loving, credible, 42 year old multi-racial female looking for a "buddy" and also future partner permanently. I am not brought in to or curious about a Black guy. I am searching for a Jamaican or a Belizean man. I am extremely practical as well as somewhat antique in my beliefs and practices, however I am still level-headed, with an open mind to doing things, and to new ideas. I am interested and also trying to find complete bloodied 100% Carribean, Belizean, Jamaican, Trinidian, men aged (38 to 45 years of ages) 5 '10 to 6'3. I love the accents, which is a HUGH turn on for me. I such as the society. I would certainly am interested in finding out about the culture, food, music etc. ...
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