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barragethorium a member of Canberra-Queanbeyan, Australia Alt Right Meetup

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    Canberra-Queanbeyan, Australia
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    I imply seriously? Please inform me you are (not just) the common "attractive" male (in the eyes of the beholder ... right?), but, additionally ... healthy (body and mind ... this indicates HWP ... and also with a brain that works with multi-levels), sensible (along with intelligent ... IQ/EQ balance matters to me), verbalize, enlightened and have your act together in life ... however too, is independent, mindful, kind, appreciative, thoughtful ... essentially, I am longing to locate a high quality, emotional male that enjoys deep, genuine relating and significant conversation ... as well as not just (from what I have actually heard) the typical serial gamer right here on CL. I seriously question, if this is a good idea ... a jump off the precipice for me, for certain, anyway.
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